New Carbine Match at Skip J Range

Skip J range competitive shooting skip j IDPA match skip j carbine match shotgun match

The summer heat is here to stay and there is no better time than to head out to the range.  I just got notice of a new Carbine Match at Skip J Range just outside of Anderson, SC.  I’ve shot several steel matches at the range.  If Carbine’s aren’t for you – then check out one of their IDPA, SASS or shotgun matches.  In case you might want to check out the new match here’s some detailed information:

Tactical Carbine Match & Open House at Skip J Range on June 18th 2011
Registration beginning at 9:00 am, Shooter’s Safety Meeting at 9:30
This will be a monthly match, on the 3rd Saturday of the Month. Match fee will normally be $12.00, but this first match is an open house match – no charge.
Carbine/Rifle/Subgun. Must be in good, safe working condition. Must be a legal firearm. If you want a select fire rifle or a short-barreled rifle that is fine, but it must be legally registered with the BATFE. We do not want any issues with this sort of thing on our range.
Slings. Not required but we strongly recommend a tactical type single or adjustable 2 point sling. (as long as the
weapon is slung muzzle down, we know it is under control and not likely to sweep anyone).
Optics. You need to at least have iron sights on your carbine, but in this match format, the red dot sight will be
ideal. All shots will be 50 yards and in. Make sure you are familiar with your optic whatever you decide to use, and make sure it is zeroed when you show up for the match. Make sure you are also familiar with sight offset and the
relationship of your point of aim/point of impact/zero distance for close up shots. This topic will be covered at the open house.
Magazines. Ideally you will need at least 3 good condition/functional magazines for your weapon system,
loaded to 10 rounds each, unless otherwise specified. We will be doing speed reloads, tactical reloads…,etc so multiple magazines will make life easier on you. Most stages will be 10 rounds per magazine, but some may have the magazine
fully charged, some less. If you don’t have that many magazines, come anyway and we will try to help you out. If you are going to buy magazines for the match, the most reliable magazines on the market are USGI Aluminum mags with the latest generation Magpul anti-tilt followers, the latest generation black color Magpul 30 round P-mag, the Tangodown Magazine, and the Magpul black color 20 round P-mag.
Ammunition. We will shoot 5 stages per match unless otherwise notified. We plan on trying to keep the round count per stage at 20 rounds. So bring at least 100 rounds per match.

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