Lobbying for you to check out GeorgiaCarry.org

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Our country was founded based on principles of protecting personal freedoms from religion to the right to bear arms.  In order to protect these rights our founding fathers  drafted the Bill of Rights.  Ratified in 1791 these amendments to the United States Constitution have protected our rights for over 200 years.

Sadly without a voice for the people, some of these freedoms are infringed upon and even taken away with restrictive laws and policies.  GeorgiaCarry.org has played a key role in the past 5 years in Georgia law and government and have proven the organization is vital to our protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms.  With a membership of over 6,000 that is growing daily, this is a “no compromise voice for gun-owners.”

We had the privilege of meeting Bill Stanley the Membership Coordinator for GeorgiaCarry.org at SharpShooters USA Range in Alpharetta.  He is a leader working to reclaim and expand our right to bear arms.  GeorgiaCarry.org is a non-partisan, grass-roots organization working for the citizens of Georgia.  In just a short time they have impacted Georgia’s restrictive laws through legal victories as well as legislative overhaul.

No matter where you live, if you believe in the Second Amendment find a similar organization or a local NRA chapter and let your voice be heard.   Strength in numbers rings true helping to provide a greater voice for greater change.

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If you are in Georgia don’t miss the GeorgiaCarry.org Annual Convention August 5 – 6, 2011 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel Galleria in Atlanta.  This jam-packed weekend will have exhibitors, a poker tournament, free training sessions and a dinner with an auction.  The keynote speaker will be Dr. Suzanna Hupp,  former member of the Texas House of Representatives, who is  nationally recognized advocate for the Second Amendment.  She has a powerful story regarding concealed carry.

The GeorgiaCarry.org website is full of information as well as the current status of legislation and legal battles.   GeorgiaCarry.Org’s facebook is a real-time tool for information regarding events as well as other topics.  A nice incentive to join, renew or extended your membership from June 1st to July 31st is a chance to win a Stainless Steel Ruger P95, 9MM semi-automatic pistol.

GeorgiaCarry.org is dedicated to you and your Second Amendment Rights in Georgia.  Check them out today!



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