No Need for Bolts! Check out the HYSKORE Portable Armorer’s Vise

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About 6 years ago we bought a slightly run down but solidly built 60-year-old house. We completely overhauled and upgraded the house while keeping the character of the stately
brick home. Our only problem – there is no basement.  No place for my “gun room” with all the bells and whistles.  Where would I be able to work, clean and store my firearms?  The logical choice seemed to be the car port that was enclosed by the previous owners.  It’s made of brick and is referred to as the brick room. Pretty creative, right? 

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I designed a layout of cabinets in the shape of an “L” to create the perfect storage and work area. We topped the cabinets with a functional as well as beautiful butcher block top.  The room is open to the rest of the house so we didn’t want to bolt a gun vise or reloader to the surface.  For several years I have been using table top gun work stations that move when any sort of pressure is applied. As you can imagine it just was not working. I needed something that did not move.  A good compromise was a vise that I could clamp down to hold my rifles and handguns for cleaning and gunsmithing.   The plastic vises I tried were not strong enough to hold the firearm while removing a nut that was partially stuck or tightened.

This year I discovered the HYSKORE Portable Armorer’s Vise. I am extremely pleased – not only does it work – but there is no compromise in quality.  The base can be clamped to a bench top with the turn of 2 heavy-duty turn bolts or it can be permanently lagged into place.  The vise stays solid and doesn’t hurt the wood counter top.  The big plus for our
home is the portability.  When I am not using the vise I can store it out of view or even take it with me to the range.  The HYSKORE Portable Armorer’s vise makes working on your guns simple and easy.

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The Tikka Master Sporter is ready to be cleaned locked into the HYSKORE Vise

In the past it had always been difficult to clean my AR15 rifles.  The Portable Armorer’s Vise solves all of the challenges associated with AR15 cleaning by properly stabilizing and supporting the gun with the upper receiver hinged against the lower at a perfect
angle.  With the upper angled downward all of the cleaning chemicals and debris run out the muzzle and not back into the action or trigger group.  Even though HYSKORE designed the Portable Armorer’s Vise with the AR15 in mind, it can be easily adapted to all pump, semi-auto, bolt and lever action rifles and shotguns. For rifles and shotguns the barrel can be cleaned from the breech which is recommended by the manufacturers.

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From AR rifles to Shotguns - All Fit Perfect in the Vise

Cleaning is not the only use.  The vise is perfect for mounting rifle scopes and performing a wide range of other gun maintenance on almost any type of firearm.  The infinite adjustment allows me to work with all different sized guns. The padding on each of the contact points does a great job at protecting the finish on my nicer shotguns and gently holds them in place.  I’ve seen people try to use a homemade gun vise and do more damage than good while trying to mount an optic.  The HYSKORE Portable Armorer’s Vise will last
a lifetime.

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Locked into place for cleaning with no damage to the finish

I know it is hard to decide what will meet your needs in the form of a gun vise, but you won’t be disappointed with this option.  There are countless ones on the market from the plastic to pricey bolt-downs but the features of this vise can’t be beat.  With minimal effort you can lock a handgun or long gun in the vise with no damage to the stock finish.  It will solidly secure the gun in foam padded jaws and rotates a fully 360° around a horizontal axis to permit efficient cleaning and servicing.  Even if I had an option to permanently bolt down the vise I don’t think I would since the feature of being able to move locations or even take the vise to the range makes it perfect.

HYSKORE is the industry’s leader in gun maintenance fixtures.  A full range of long gun and handgun maintenance and shooting accessories is available from HYSKORE.  The HYSKORE website is great resource tool with instruction manuals, target down loads and
both demo and tutorial videos.  All of their advanced shooting accessories are affordable for the average shooter and are available at numerous retailers such as Cabelas, Midway USA, Cheaper than Dirt, the Sportsman’s Guide and BassPro Shops.  To see even more photos of the HYSKORE check out Carducci Tactical’s Facebook page.  We also reviewed the HYSKORE Black Gun Machine Rest – another great product from HYSKORE.  For questions email Danny at or visit the HYSKORE website.


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