Lost in the Woods – Not a Chance with the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour

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It’s dark and you stayed in your tree stand a little too long.  This is a new area you are hunting and now you are lost.  Panicked you look at your cell phone and see “searching for signal.”  You look up at the trees and glance around your surroundings – nothing looks familiar in the twilight and you have no idea how to get back to camp.   You could fumble with a compass and try to remember if you went .5 mile north or northwest.  Did you go east after you crossed the river?  Suddenly your panic subsides when you reach into your pocket and grab the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour GPS.

best gps unit, best hand held gps unit, best gps for hunting, handheld gps, small gps, portable gps unit, carducci tacticalAnyone who has gone hunting on unfamiliar lands or hiking in the woods has experienced at least a moment of uncertainty when you realize you may be lost.   Bushnell just introduced a new personal GPS unit that will quickly become your best friend.   It’s not over complicated and is easy to use.  Think about it – who needs a cumbersome, difficult unit when they are wandering around the woods?  Just follow the arrows back to your campsite.  It’s a personal GPS “for dummies” unit.    

The unit is sporty and rugged.  Weighing just six ounces, it clips on your pack or will fit easily in your pocket.  The weather-resistant body has a  grayscale LCD screen with an internal, rechargeable battery good for 48 hours of data logging.  It runs on just 3 AAA batteries running for an estimated 16 to 18 hours out lasting any cell phone or most other types of portable GPS units.

best gps unit, best hand held gps unit, best gps for hunting, handheld gps, small gps, portable gps unit, carducci tacticalYou can store up to five locations, with the course taken, length in miles and yards, time, latitude, longitude, and other handy metrics to help you recall the exact location of your adventure.  It’s easy to upload the information to your computer using the included USB cable.  Simply plug-in the device to see your route with Google maps including the timings, distance and direction.   With a few clicks you can share your adventure with social media, email or the web.  The D-TOUR includes a self-calibrating digital compass, time, temperature, and altimeter.

Whether jogging, hiking or even lost in a mall Bushnell has you covered.  Back track to your exact location with no detours.  At just $100 it’s worth every penny not to have your wife nag you to ask for directions or to make it back to camp in time for dinner.

For more information on the Bushnell Backtrack D-tour check out Bushnell’s website or their Facebook page.  The website it is a great resource including a product demo video.  When you try out this handy lifesaver email Danny at danny@carduccitactical.com and tell us how you liked the new model.   Before I scout out my hunting camp later this summer I will have one in my pack.   Hunting just got easier.

best gps unit, best hand held gps unit, best gps for hunting, handheld gps, small gps, portable gps unit, carducci tacticalNow for the technical information from Bushnell Features:

  • Package Includes: 1 D-Tour GPS unit, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 USB Cable
  • Runs on Windows (XP SP1 or later) and MAC (10.4.9 or later)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Weather Resistant Construction
  • Stores and locates up to five locations
  • Includes Time (military or civilian)/Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)/Altitude
  • Distances in Yards/Miles or Meters/Kilometers
  • Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • Logs up to 48 hours of trip data
  • Available in Red or Green

About Carducci Tactical

Danny & Amy Carducci have a blog dedicated to the shooting sports and hunting. Unbiased information - condensed and precise! www.carduccitactical.com
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