Dave Sevigny Speaks Out

Accusations and rumors are tough to handle on a daily basis and even more so when your reputation is at stake.   I grew up learning a good reputation can be more valuable than money.  Recently, Dave Sevigny’s integrity has come into question.  In a situation out of his control, gossip and rumors abound questioning the character and actions of a very close friend of ours.   An innocent man now can set the record straight and let his voice be heard.  Gossip can be infectious and destroy a person’s life.  We are proud to see him standing strong and we know he will continue to succeed and perform like the champion we all know and love.

dave sevigny, sevigny performance, dave sevigny fired, dave sevigny rumor, billy abbate, carducci tacticalFrom his Facebook page, here is Dave Sevigny, of Sevigny Performance in his own words…..

Public Statement by Dave Sevigny, 9/28/11

by Dave Sevigny on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 4:57pm

Now that my 2011 season is over I wish to address what at least one person has referred to as “the elephant in the room”.

Please rest assured, I am as shocked as anyone regarding the accusations involving Billy Abbate and a fifteen year old minor.  It has been incredibly hurtful to hear some people are speculating that I may have also been involved. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Let me be clear: I am not a suspect, nor will I ever be.  I also was not a witness to any inappropriate behavior between the two, nor did I have any reason to suspect much less know that Abbate was engaging in a secret and illegal affair with the minor girl. 

I have heard criticisms that I somehow should have known about the secret relationship between the minor and Mr. Abbate.  I don’t see how, especially when I was not told the truth about their “friendship”.  In fact, the family of the minor and Mr. Abbate had a closer relationship than I ever did with either party.  I have also heard rumors that I engaged in lewd or distasteful acts with the minor.  Rest assured, these disgusting rumors are patently false.  I don’t know if a specific individual is purposely spreading lies or if people are just widely speculating that I must somehow be involved because of my recent departure from my old sponsor.  Regardless, I want to set the record straight and hope this puts an end to these sickening rumors.

Throughout my eleven year association with my former sponsor (eight years of which I served as an employee), I was completely loyal to the company.   I acted as a mentor to numerous shooting team members and built a winning record of 150+ major championship wins using products from this company.  I am proud of what I have accomplished.  Some have said that I am taking the rest of the year off.  While I am done competing this season by choice, I will rise above this unfortunate incident and will work hard on building a brand that will endure, just like I did before. 


Dave Sevigny

With character, integrity and the principles of a true champion, Dave Sevigny will come out ahead of the crowd.  We know Dave will be a winning asset to any brand who supports him and will continue to win national championships.  He’s a remarkable athlete, a good person and a true friend.  Don’t fall for the rumors or accusations.


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1 Response to Dave Sevigny Speaks Out

  1. Thanks Danny for posting your thoughts on this unfortunate subject. I think everyone can agree that there’s not a whole lot to gain when things like this happen. One thing we might learn is that parents need to be guardians, not once in a while, but all the time. Thanks for supporting Dave. He’s a long time ambassador to the sport and that shouldn’t change because of other people’s actions and poor choices.

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