3 Gun Competitions – Multi Gun Matches on the Rise in Popularity

Multi-Gun or 3-Gun competitions or matches have experienced explosive growth in the past few years. What are 3-gun matches? These matches are practical shooting events where the stages are shot with a combination of handguns, rifles and shotguns. As the shooter moves through the different stages, they engage targets in a variety of different positions. Shooters learn the skill of transitioning between the different firearms in tactical situations.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a wealth of information for shooters including informational videos. Check out this video of Dave Miles from NSSF and Tom Fuller of Bushnell as they take a look at the popular and rapidly growing sport of 3-gun shooting during the recent AR15.com / Rockcastle 3-gun Pro AM at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. Dave and Tom review the equipment you need to participate and how to find a match near you.

You can find 3 gun rules for IDPA here. Shoot USPSA and want to know the difference for their multi gun matches? Click here. Three gun matches are more popular now than ever. Brian Enos forums are great resources to find matches. Still confused about the differences between IDPA and USPSA or IPSC. Don’t forget the resource page on Carducci Tactical that explains the differences between the competitive shooting organizations.

Now 3 gun competition equipment….Well that’s another post entirely. Let’s start with an introduction to this exploding segment of competitive shooting and next Carducci Tactical will get you “geared” up for 3 gun competitions. See you on the range!


About Carducci Tactical

Danny & Amy Carducci have a blog dedicated to the shooting sports and hunting. Unbiased information - condensed and precise! www.carduccitactical.com
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