Connecting With Handgun Shooters – Where Do You Find the Best Gun Blogs and Information?

There are so many social media outlets these days.  How can you take the time to read all the blogs and check all the twitter feeds?  Don’t forget you need to check Facebook, Google+1, Twitter and more.

One quick way to check the top feeds is On The Range with Carducci Tactical.  This is a daily “newspaper” of the top feeds from the firearms and hunting sectors.  Check out not only our Locked and Loaded with Carducci Tactical blog posts, but feeds from GunUp, NRA and more.  Don’t miss out on the top news of the day.  This Carducci Tactical site is updated daily to grab the latest information about the competitive shooting sports as well as hunting and tactical gear.

Another great website that compiles some of the BEST information is The WOMA.  Amy is a proud member and often contributes to this website.  If you are a woman, don’t miss out on this website.  Written by women for women – about all things outdoors.

Don’t forget you can always check out our Twitter account (@CarducciTact) or the Facebook page.  We try our best to keep you updated on ammo deals, special discounts and the latest new blurbs.  Did you see the new page on our blog dedicated to upcoming events?

The internet changes daily and Carducci Tactical is striving to keep up and keep you informed.   What is you favorite blog?  How do you keep current with all things related to shooting sports?  Let us know.  We would love your feedback.


About Carducci Tactical

Danny & Amy Carducci have a blog dedicated to the shooting sports and hunting. Unbiased information - condensed and precise!
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