Waterfowl Hunting Tips – Part 2 Q & A with Jason Patterson

Carducci Tactical is going to continue with Part 2 of our Waterfowl Hunting tips posts with a Q&A style interview with Jason Patterson. Jason is a Mossy Oak ProStaff member just like Mario Friendy .   Jason loves hunting and writes various outdoor related articles covering fishing, hunting, and how to articles for regional publications, including MossyOak.com.  This Tennessean has mastered waterfowl hunting.  Before you head to your blind, check out these words of wisdom.jason patterson, waterfowl hunting, mossy oak prostaff, duck hunting tips, geese hunting tips, how to hunt ducks, how to hunt geeseQuestion:   What do you look for when scouting for places to hunt ducks and geese?

Answer: First, a natural flyway is your first logical place to begin. Second, a food source is a major plus. On the ground scouting is the best way to determine where – the ducks will show you where they want to be.


Question: How do you decide on your decoy placement for ducks?

Answer: I go with a basic horseshoe spread and then tweak it depending on what the ducks want. I keep it pretty simple.

Question: Do you use different decoy patterns when setting up? Do you change the spread during the hunt?

Answer: Yes, basic horseshoe at first, then adjust to what the ducks want. You have to change to stay productive and use the most realistic decoys you can afford.

Question: Do you use layout blinds when field hunting for ducks & geese?

Answer: Yes, if the water is not too deep. I will use it if I can get away with it.

Question: How do you conceal your blind and hunting area?

  1. Pit blinds – usually grass or vegetation native to the area
  2. Above ground – Mossy Oak® in this area, but use what is natural to your location.
  3. Boat – Pop-up blinds or natural vegetation
  4. Layout – Match the blind and area you hunt with what is available.
  5. Your Dog – A blind. Match it with the area.

Question: What are your basic calling tips for ducks?

Answer: I like to be aggressive on ducks, but less is more is usually the best all around approach. Again, the ducks will show you what they want.

Question: What are your basic calling tips for geese?

Answer: Loud and aggressive.

Question: How can I be a more consistent shooter on ducks & geese?

Answer: Shoot a lot. Skeet and sporting clays help tremendously. Dove hunting is also great.

Question: Do you use different chokes in your shotgun depending on the type of hunting?

Answer: Yes, it all depends on how far your shots are going to be. Modified chokes are an all-around good choice. Second choice is improved cylinder.

Question: How can I attract waterfowl to private property?

Answer: Food first and foremost – BioLogic makes a great attractant. Corn, rice, millet and soybeans are also great attractants. If you can provide a place for them to seek refuge, that is another plus.

Question: How do you introduce youth to waterfowl hunting?

Answer: Keep it fun and simple.

If you missed Part 1 of our waterfowl hunting tips you can find it here.

Good luck hunting and don’t forget Carducci Tactical will see you on the gun range!


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