Zombie Shooters Association – Zombies Not Just For Halloween Anymore…

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by Amy Carducci

Zombies.  Attack of the Walking Dead?  How would you defend yourself if zombies invaded us tomorrow?  I know Halloween is just around the corner, but the zombie craze doesn’t seem to be um…well…dying out.  A few weeks ago, I read about the Zombie Shooters Association.  At first I thought it might be a joke.  No – it’s for real along with some other Zombie themed matches on the books.  As their catch phrase states…”So Many Zombies, So Little time…”  So if you are looking for information about how to kill zombies, keep on reading….zombie shooters association, zombie matches, shooting zombies, how to shoot zombies, how to kil a zombie, zombie gun matchesThe Zombie Shooters Association is a REAL competitive shooting organization.   The rules are similar to USPSA or IDPA.  The competitive handgun shooter can use any safe single- or double-action revolver or semi-automatic firearm.  Zombie Shooters keep it simple with divisions based on sights and rounds loaded.   At the matches you have to watch out for Zombie Targets, as well as, “infected” targets.  There is a point system and to kill a Zombie – well – everyone knows it takes a head shot to kill a zombie!  Check out their website for local matches close to you.  This isn’t just for Halloween since the Zombie Shooters Association runs monthly matches.  Grab you gun, holster and some ammo and hit the range to kill some zombies.

bleeding zombie target, zombie targets, center for zombie awareness, zombie shooters association, zombie shoots, zombie gun matches, halloween gun matches

A Bleeding 3-D Zombie Target

Now if you are going to be shooting zombies at a competitive handgun match, you will need the proper gear.  Have you seen Brownell’s Center for Zombie Awareness?   You will need to gear up and make sure you have the proper equipment to kill a zombie.   Among all the cool zombie gear offered at Brownell’s is a life sized zombie target that “bleeds” when shot.  This target can take about 1800 rounds of .22LR and over 700 rounds of 9mm.  The filling is biodegradable and if you hurry you can order one just in time for your next zombie shooting match.

hornady zombie rifle ammo, hornady ammo, how to kill a zombie, zombie gun matches, halloween gun matches, the monster match, zombie head shotWhile you are at Brownell’s website check to see if the Hornady Zombie Max Rifle Ammunition is back in stock.  They also have handgun and shotgun calibers, but these items are popular and all of them are currently out of stock.  From 308 Win to 9mm handgun loads – Hornady will supply you with the power you need to kill a zombie.  Remember, you can only kill a zombie with a head shot.  If the 3-D bleeding target is not your style, you can “load up” on paper zombie targets.

Another news item that caught our attention is The Monster Match on October 29th and 30th at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida.   Grab your best Halloween Costume and head out to a fun match.  This match may be unlike any other competitive handgun match you have ever seen.  Here’s a quick video from YouTube of Frank Garcia shooting stage 8 at last year’s match:

If you can’t make it Frostproof, Florida check your local  range this weekend to see if zombies are on the loose!  One of my favorite indoor ranges here in Atlanta – SharpShooters USA – is having a zombie themed match all weekend.  You can find more information about the Zombie Shoot here.

Carducci Tactical is afraid the walking dead are among us and there is no escaping the zombie attacks.  With proper training from these handgun competitions and proper gear from companies like Brownell’s you can be prepared to zero in and take the zombie head shot to put them out of commission.  Are you ready?

See you on the gun range!


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