Dry Fire Practice Video – Proper Dry Fire for Competitive Shooting

As you know Carducci Tactical is a proud member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).    Pull the Tigger is a great email newsletter for today’s gun owner.  If you haven’t subscribed to this yet, click here.  It’s a great resource.  We’ve featured their videos in the past from some of the top handgun shooters in the world.

This week’s newsletter has a video from Doug Koenig and proper dry fire technique for a competitive handgun shooter.  Dry fire is one of the most beneficial practice drills you can do.  Think of it – it’s cheap.  With the cost of ammo you won’t be able to shoot 20,000 rounds at the gun range perfecting your skill.  Proper dry fire techniques develop muscle memory and you can do it almost anywhere.  Designate a safe practice area in your home.  Double check your unloaded gun for safety reasons and get to practicing – BUT First watch the tip from Doug and the NSSF: 

With dry fire practice sessions about 3 to 4 times a week, you will gain valuable skills just in time for the 2012 season.  Last week the video lesson talked about proper sight alignment.  Shooting fundamentals are essential.  With dry fire practice and knowledge, you will find a path to victory in the competitive handgun competitions.

See you on the gun range!


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3 Responses to Dry Fire Practice Video – Proper Dry Fire for Competitive Shooting

  1. Bodrie says:

    That is very good advice. I practice dry firing all the time. It really helps to make you more familiar with your equipment so you don’t fumble and waste time at the range. Of course, the price is right at, well, free, unlike spending your live rounds on practice that could be done at home. Plus, many indoor ranges don’t allow you to draw from your holster, at least here in the People Republic of California. I have to go out to an outdoor range to use any of my holsters.

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

    • Even here in Georgia there are some ranges where you can’t draw from a holster. Maybe one day things will change… Until then dry fire and have fun on the range! Good luck shooting in 2012.

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