Dave Sevigny – Record Breaking Season

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Dave Sevigny Wins the 2011 Pro-Am Championship

Some people may feel 2011 wasn’t the best of times for competitive shooter Dave Sevigny. A quick look at his accomplishments during the year will  make you take a second glance at a record-setting shooting season.  When it comes to competitive shooting, Dave is a hard-working, natural talent who is dedicated to winning and perfection.  This past year was one for the record books.

dave sevigny, sevigny performance, dave sevigny strong hand, shooting strong hand, strong hand only shooting2011 was the 100th anniversary of one of the most popular and well-known handguns – the 1911.  After a short from the national match, Dave Sevigny returned in the anniversary year to take top honors in the Single Stack Nationals.   Dave normally shoots a polymer frame semi-auto pistol in most of his major matches but traded in his normal go to gun for a 1911.  In a match where most of the top guys use .40 Dave took the title with his 1911  in .45 ACP caliber with major 230 ball to win.  The decisive victory was the first in a trifecta of wins to cap off 2011.   Perhaps, when John Browning designed the 1911 one hundred years ago he had someone like Sevigny in mind to highlight the gun’s speed and accuracy.

The 2011 Pro-Am brought a close match contested by the top competitive shooters at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida.    Falling steel and elaborate stages were no problem for Sevigny.  The Pro-Am consists of eight par-time stages and if needed a tie-breaker shoot off stage.  The professional shooters competed in a “skins” type match with money on the line and the title under the hot summer heat.

The Limited Division match ended in a three-way tie and headed to a shoot off stage.   Bob Vogel shot the stage in 15.16 seconds and Glenn Shelby turned up the heat finishing the field of steel in 10.30 seconds.  Sevigny in a moment of true perfection blazed 18 pieces of steel in 9.97 seconds from the draw and a reload!  Impressive and near impossible for anyone but Dave Sevigny.  For this match Sevigny returned to his iron sight polymer framed double action pistol and took home top honors in back to back years in both the Limited and Open Divisions.

Dave Sevigny, sevigny performance, carducci tactical, amy carducci, danny carducci

Dave Sevigny Takes Aim

The final piece of the puzzle came in the hot California desert with the Steel Challenge World Championship win.   Again, in back to back years of 2010 and 2011, Dave won the Iron Sight World Championship.  Time after time Sevigny delivers under pressure and comes out with the win!   Did we mention he is the only person to win the USPSA National Championships in nine consecutive seasons?  As we said, 2011 will be a year for the record books and we can only imagine the new records and titles he will win in 2012 as he competes against the top competitive shooters from all over the world.  Best of luck to Dave on and off the range in 2012!


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  1. BC says:

    Another great article you guys! Looking forward to following Dave’s successful career in 2012!

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