Tikka Unveils New Rifles at SHOT Show 2012


Tikka Unveils Rifles at SHOT Show 2012

– New for 2012

– New for 2012

Fluting offers added lightness, same rigidity, larger cooling surface and sporty and functional looks. Modern rifle for modern hunters.  Tikka has some great new rifles at SHOT Show this year.  Here’s a quick look….

Another new addition: The TIKKA T3 FOREST

This rifle has a roll over cheek piece. It appeals to hunters using large variable scopes that require higher mounts. The over rolling cheek piece offers better head position for the shooter.

TIKKA T3 SPORTER – What’s new for 2012 with this firearm? What about a  Left-handed option?

The Tikka T3 Sporter has been developed in co-operation With Finnish hunting & sport shooting association. The design principles has been set to give the shooter or hunter a rifle that performs in competition, but can also be used for hunting purposes.

T3 Sporter has all stock adjustments what a serious shooter could hope. This will include adjustable cheek piece (also in sideways) and adjustable recoil pad in length and height. Also T3 Sporter has various rail placements that will allow rifle to be carried in biathlon style.

T3 Sporter laminated stock is purpose-built and practical when it comes to ergonomic characteristics and versatility. All T3 Sporter metal parts are matte blued and this combined to the modern stock you will have a rifle with nice sophisticated look.

See you on the range!


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