Randi Rogers TEAM GLOCK for 2012

randi rogers, randi rogers shooting, carducci tactical, amy carducciRandi Rogers is a hard worker.  As a top competitor in several shooting disciplines, she practices hard and has dedication that goes beyond the range.  Randi just announced that in 2012, not only will she be staying with TEAM GLOCK, but she will continue her professional career path with GLOCK, Inc. as well.

Randi stated, “I am eternally grateful to GLOCK for bringing me into the industry.  I believe in the GLOCK product and I am very excited to continue shooting with TEAM GLOCK in 2012 and beyond.   GLOCK believes in me not only as a shooter, but as an industry professional.”

On Randi’s Facebook page she released a statement that explains,  “I recently had a wonderful opportunity presented to me and after considering many factors I will be continuing to work for GLOCK, Inc. professionally.  I look forward to the upcoming shooting season and building my career. I am so thankful for all of my friends and hope that they can all support my decision. ”

Randi had a record-breaking 2011 season with several key wins including a gold medal win at the IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes, Greece.   Off the range, Randi works for GLOCK in their marketing department and is a true ambassador for the product and the shooting industry in general.

randi rogers shooting, randi rogers, team glock, carducci communications, carducci tacticalAlso, recently Randi launched her new website www.RandiRogersShooting.com.   The website features articles and information to help competitive shooters from all disciplines.  In addition, you can follow Randi’s shooting career and keep up to date with her match schedule and personal appearances.    “I wanted to support the shooting community that has been so supportive of me my entire life,” expresses Randi.

Randi Rogers is a force on the range.  She has captured over 30 World and National Titles in 6 different shooting disciplines.  With years of dedication to the sport, she has a winning history that began with SASS.  Her grandparents introduced Randi to Cowboy Action Shooting when she was just 11 years old.  Since 1999 she has been winning matches and 2012 will not be different.   In fact, 2012 just might be the year of Randi as she continues to dominate.    Randi competes in USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol and SASS.

For more information about Randi Rogers, please visit her website at www.RandiRogersShooting.com and don’t forget to like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.

See you on the range!


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