Zombie Targets and Zombie Ammo Cans

zombie ammo can, mtm case gard, ammo can, best ammo can, best ammo storage, zombie ammo, zombie products, The zombie craze isn’t going away.   We’ve become infected with all things zombie related.  We first reported about the Zombie Shooters Association last year and just a few weeks ago about the Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning kit.  I must admit some of the zombie items are very cool.  The very first product I saw on the SHOT Show floor was the Zombie Ammo Can from  MTM Case-Gard.  This is a limited Edition plastic 50 caliber ammo can.   This is a great storage solution for your bulk or boxed ammo.   It is light weight and molded out of rugged polypropylene plastic with a water-resistant seal.  MTM products are made to take pretty harsh treatment.  This can take your abuse while you are out hunting for zombies or just going to and from the range!

zombie industries, zombie targets, bleeding targets, life like targets, mutilating targets, zombies, zombie gear, zombie shooters assciationzombie industries, zombie targets, bleeding targets, outbreak targets, paper targets, zombie outbreakAnother booth quickly caught my attention – Zombie Industries with their various zombie targets.   These targets help you be prepared for the next zombie outbreak.   Remember, to stop a zombie you must kill them with a head shot.   Next time you head to the range make sure you have the proper targets for practice.  If you are looking for an inexpensive reactive target, try their outbreak target.  This looks so fun to shoot!

outbreak target, zombie industries, zombie targets, I want one of these zombie targets to practice my accuracy.  With good aim this target can be used over and over.  This type of cardboard target holds the orange skeet targets.  Shooting clay pigeons is always fun but this is a new and different way to blast those birds at the range.  There are four different models to choose from and the MSRP for this target is just $5.95.  A bargain to help you improve your zombie kill ratio.

zombie targets, zombie industries, bleeding zombie targets

If you have the money, Zombie Industries has awesome  mutilating zombie targets, as well as bleeding zombies.  The MSRP is higher on these starting at $69.95 for the mutilating target and $89.95 for the bleeding one, but you need to be prepared for the next zombie outbreak.  The tactical bleeding zombie target is life-sized and “bleeds” when you shoot them.   These targets can be shot with more than a 1000 rounds of assorted calibers.

Can’t stand the sight of blood? Try the mutilating zombie targets that “wound” fluorescent orange when you shoot them.  Just like the bleeding zombie targets, these can be used for more than 1000 rounds.  Both types of targets are biodegradable, and perhaps, more importantly made in the USA.  They also come with a wooden stake to mount them and the box can be used to sight in your zombie gun.

zombie industries, zombie targets, paper targets, paper zombie targets, best zombie targetsZombie Industries also has great paper zombie targets that have a MSRP of $1.00 to $2.00, and they take their targets a step beyond normal.  They have developed a “target-within-a-target” concept on these paper zombie targets.  They placed a scaled version of the focal zombie, in the typically wasted space outside the silhouette, and created a second point of reference that challenges your perspective by simulating two target distances. This allows you to shoot for distance  when space is not available.  Perfect for indoor ranges – two targets in one!

One last quick mention, Zombie Industries has ZomBoom Targets.  Danny can’t wait to head to range and try out these exploding rifle targets.  We will have pictures and a separate review.  The price point is nice at $7.50 and we are expecting an “explosive” good time at the rifle range with this product.  As always with guns and especially this product, please follow all safety rules and regulations.  Carducci Tactical wants you to have fun on the range but be safe, too!

To check out the zombie invasion and to see zombies have been spotted in your area head over to Zombie Industries webpage.  They have a great website with product information, zombie kill videos and that important map to see if you should be on the lookout for zombies in your backyard.

See you on the range!  


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