Best Scope Anti-Cant Indicator

Scopes are a passion of mine and I understand keeping a scope perfectly aligned is critical to long-range accuracy.  Have you ever been at the range or our in the field and find out your scope off’s the vertical b only a couple of degrees?  You will notice a significant decrease in accuracy, especially on your longer shots.  Battenfeld Technologies Anti-Cant Indicator ensures that the scope is always held nearly perfectly vertical tot he rifle to assure maximum accuracy.   Before you take the shot, you can instantly check the indicator to make sure your gun is perfectly level.

The Anti-Cant Indicator is light-weight since it is crafted from anodized, machined aluminum.  You can get it in both 1 inch and 30mm models.  It easily attaches to a scope tube just like a ring.  In addition, the indicator is easy to view from all shooting positions and when you are not using it, you can fold it in for protection.

Why do you need this type of indicator?  Because if you sighted in carefully at 100 yards with the crosshairs level, then canted the gun just six degrees you’d move the next shot over 1/2″.  Not much, but enough to completely miss a small target, or wound a larger one. The problem gets worse at longer distances.


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