Girls and Guns

by: Amy Carducci

debutant hunters, girls and guns, women hunters, woman hunter, amy carducciThis week two stories caught my attention in the media because they featured women and guns.  This is a subject close to my heart for obvious reasons.  One story delighted my heart while the second story angered me in the tone and misuse of terms. As we all know firearms in the liberal media often are portrayed as the “bad things.” 

Let’s begin with the story that made me smile.  Have you seen the short movie “The Debutante Hunters?”  This documentary focuses on a group of South Carolina women who hunt.  The film won the audience award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah last week.  The producer – director Maria White won a $5,000 check and will be investigating making the short documentary into a series and has even been contacted by a number of networks and production companies.

debutant hunters, women hunters, woman hunter, amy carducci, girls and guns, women and guns,

The film explains why the women hunt and the bond the group of ladies have in common.  One of my favorite quotes from the movie is from a young woman in her tree stand explaining why she loves to hunt.  She dislikes that hunting is often seen in a bad light.  In her words, “a lot about hunting is not just about shooting and killing things …it is as much as being part of nature.  If you have never listened to the woods wake up in the morning, I strongly suggest it.”  Another female hunter agrees stating “amazing things that happen in the woods.  It is so peaceful watching the wildlife.”   They explain the sense of humbleness and gratitude they feel from hunting.

Seeing hunting and women portrayed in such a positive light put a huge smile on my face.  Congratulations to the women and the director for a fine piece of work.  I’ve seen bad reviews on the internet as well as positive reviews.  I happen to love this group of women and hope you check out the film.  It might just be the best 12 minutes of your day.

Sadly, I will step on my soap box as I finish this post and explain the news article that upset me when I began to read a feature story in the January 22, Atlanta Journal and Constitution.  The story is called “Shooters aim for good reads” and is about a Guns, Girls and Good books club here in Atlanta.  Wow!  From the picture of the lady shooting an orange silhouette target to the picture of the book and a glass of wine, I was drawn to this article.  Books and guns are two of my favorite hobbies.  Surely this would be a positive article, right?


I should have known the liberal paper would turn a very positive group into a gun-wielding bunch of crazy women with “assault rifles.”  The article opens with paragraph after paragraph talking about fashion and the purse choices of the ladies.  Finally, the article gets to point and talks about the ladies at the range.  Now their choice of a gun range happens to be one of my favorite ranges here in Atlanta – Sharpshooters USA.   I am optimistic at this point that the article will turn from a fashion read to women responsibly enjoying a day at the range.  Of course, that would not be the case.

The article states the women were standing before “an intimidating display of black ASSAULT RIFLES.”  WHAT??  Did the fact checker not discover that AR stands for Armalite and not assault rifles?  Those firearms are modern sporting rifles and when did they become intimidating for women?  Does the naïve writer not understand that women can shot more than a handgun?  Women shot shotguns, carbines and rifles.  An AR-15 carbine or rifle is not intimidating, but actually quite fun at the range.  At this point I am still hoping for positive view of a day at the range, but my hopes vanish.

As the women are heading into the bays, the article introduces the range master by explaining he “was firing what looked like an Uzi at a target an impossible distance away.”  Ok, now there are two major points in this sentence that upset me.  An Uzi?  Why pick an Uzi? Was the writer watching a 1980s Miami Vice drug raid when she wrote the article?  Does the Atlanta Journal realize that an Uzi is a rather short open bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun?  I have a sneaky feeling he was shooting some type of modern sporting rifle and not an Uzi.  In my humble opinion an Uzi sounds mean and intimidating – just the picture the writer wanted to paint.   She picked a firearm with a bad reputation.  Again, I wonder if she is just that naïve?

Now the second issue with the sentence actually made me laugh – “an impossible distance away.” I have been to lots of indoor ranges and there is no distance inside that is impossible.  Again, the writer wants to scare away women from a range by using words such as Uzi and impossible distances.

By now Danny is getting the full brunt of my anger toward the paper and the article actually continues to get worse if you can believe it.  Once the women find a bay and start firing the writer, Rosalind Bentley, paints a violent picture for the reader.  Bentley writes “BLAM! One to the heart. BLAM! One to the lung. BLAM! One to the forehead. BLAM!!! Right between the eyes.”  Words have left me as I continue to read.  The quote “you don’t really have to aim” was enough to send me over the edge.

The article concludes as to why women carry concealed and practice at the range.  The writer feels it gives them a “sense” of safety and control.  There was a positive quote by one of the ladies explaining that learning to shoot can give women self-assurance and help them be more aware.

As I stand here on my soap box, I am angered at the liberal media who want to paint gun owners in a bad light.  I want to show my fellow women that guns are safe and can be fun.  I applaud the film “The Debutant Hunters” for the positive views about hunting and women highlighted in the documentary.  Maybe one day all media will see that women are not at the range surrounded by intimidating assault rifles and scared by an Uzi. In fact, the media does not need to look far to find confident women who enjoy shooting whether for fun or safety.  I fear the media cannot look with unbiased eyes but, I know, however, that hunting is good for the environment and it’s perfectly ok for a girl to be a bad ass at the range. You know I now have this urge to grab my guns and gear…see you on the range!

For more information about “The Debutante Hunters” check out their Facebook page.  You can check out Armalite here and to see what’s new from Uzi here.  NRA First Shots and other programs are great for all shooters.  Danny and I are both NRA Certified instructors and would be happy to help you at the range.  Just email for more information.

Here’s the awesome documentary:


(Note:  All opinions are simply mine.  All quotes from this article are from the documentary “The Debutant Hunters” or “Shooters aim for a good read” from the January 22nd edition of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.)


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