CMP Announces New Georgia Games at American International Marksmanship Academy, Apr. 26-29

civilian marksmanship program, cmp georgia games, carducci tactical, georgia shooting matchesThe Civilian Marksmanship Program is pleased to announce the addition of the CMP Georgia Games to its 2012 firearms safety and marksmanship calendar of events. At least for 2012, the four-day event is an abbreviated version of CMP’s Eastern (N. Carolina) and Western (Arizona) Games plus the recently added CMP Oklahoma Games, 12-15 April.

“We are very excited about adding the CMP Georgia Games to our schedule of popular regional games matches and events,” said Christie Sewell, CMP’s programs general manager.

“There are a lot of competitive shooters in Georgia and in neighboring Southeastern states, and we are being welcomed to Georgia,” she added. “At the Georgia Games, we will conduct a new-shooter clinic and a series of some of our most popular matches, including the Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match.”

The event is being held at the American International Marksmanship Academy in Blakely, Georgia, which is located about midway between Fort Benning and Tallahassee, Florida, and by car is a few hours from both Birmingham and Atlanta. AIM Academy was originated in 2010 on 2,300 acres in rural Georgia. The academy’s complex, which features training and recreational marksmanship opportunities to the military, law enforcement and civilians, includes a 1,200-yard highpower range on which the CMP matches will be fired.

The CMP Georgia Games will include a new shooter clinic, three Garand-Springfield-Military rifle matches, a Vintage Sniper Rifle team match, an EIC as-issued M1 Garand match and an M1 Carbine match. The event will also include a barbecue on Day 3 and awards presentations on days 3 and 4. See schedule below.

CMP Georgia Games Schedule


3-7:00pm Competitor Check-In

5-7:00pm GSM New Shooter Clinic


7:30am Squadding for GSM Match

8:00am Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Match

12:30pm Squadding for GSM Match

1:00pm Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Match


8:00am Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Match

12:30pm Squadding for Vintage Sniper

1:00pm Vintage Sniper

5:00pm Awards Ceremony & BBQ


7:30am Squadding for As-Issued Garand Match

8:00am As-Issued Garand EIC Match

7:30am Squadding for Carbine Match

8:00am Carbine Match

12:00pm Awards Ceremony


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