Liberty Safe – Made in America and Creating Jobs

best gun safe, american made safe, american made gun, liberty safe, best liberty safeWe believe in American made products and companies that provide jobs for Americans.  Liberty Safe recently announced a new production facility that will add 100 new jobs.   We applaud Liberty Safe and wish them continued success as they increase production and their product line.  Check this out for more information:

Liberty Safe Announces New $10 Million Automated Production Facility

—Robotic Assembly Line Creates Safe Every 90 Seconds

PAYSON, UT, May 15, 2012—Liberty Safe, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality home and office gun storage safes, completed testing its new $10 million fully computerized production facility in May 2012, doubling its output to more than 700 safes a day.

We’re investing in the future to meet customer’s highest expectations,” said Kim Waddoups, the newly appointed President of Liberty Safe Inc. “Leading the industry in technology and innovation, and offering products of the highest quality, is why more than 1.5 million customers have been choosing Liberty since 1988,” Waddoups said.

Steve Allred, Liberty’s Senior VP, Chief Operating Officer, said the automated line has created new jobs. “The new facility will add more than 100 new employees at Liberty,” Allred said, “It shows that America can compete with anybody—and with better products made in the USA.”

The new production line was in the planning and design stage for more than 2 years, and was built and tested in Michigan in 2011. It was relocated to Payson and reassembled this past spring.

Buddy O’Neal, Director of Engineering, says the 12-stage line handles the most critical production parts of the safe. “It does all the heavy lifting and time-consuming bending and welding to produce the most accurate, high quality safes on the market,” O’Neal said. “It automatically cuts lengths of heavy gauge steel for the specific model we’re building. Lasers and CNC machines take over to do the notching and cutting of each door and body while robotic arms hold and weld the joints. The automated powder-coating paint process finishes each safe in preparation for final assembly, producing a new safe every 90 seconds. Detroit couldn’t do it any better,” he said.

Jamey Skousen, Director of Marketing, says Liberty’s leadership, sales, and market forces have created a surge in popularity in home and gun safes over the past five years, and the new production line will meet that demand even better.

“Safes are a phenomenon of current national and world trends,” Skousen said. “We’re investing to meet those market demands. Add a shaky economy, falling dollar, potential inflation, and increasing crime and you get homeowners wanting to protect their valuables closer to home and not at the bank. It’s resonated across the country. To satisfy that demand, we made an investment in modern technology—coupled with American ingenuity and a skilled workforce and dealer network—to make it all work. That’s why we remain the leading manufacturer of home, office and gun safes in the world.”

Liberty Safe produces 24 different models of safes in a dozen different colors, with a capacity of up to 64 long guns, and 2-1/2 hour fire protection. The company is supported by America’s largest chain of 350 independent dealers nationwide and 4,000 other retail outlets worldwide.
For more information, see

Liberty Safe, the best-built safes on the planet


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