Made In America – A New Focus

carducci tactical, danny carducci, amy carducci, gun reviews, ammo reviews, made in the usa products, guns made in the usa.Product testing and reviewing is an integral part of Carducci Tactical. My wife Amy and I started Carducci Tactical to provide readers with accurate, unbiased, relevant information about shooting, firearms and hunting. Our philosophy is a guarantee to our readers that we will only endorse quality products that have value. We only recommend products that we use and trust.

Recently, we have decided to expound our philosophy to include another aspect – Products Made in the USA.  Who are these companies and how do their products compare?  Over the next few months Carducci Tactical will focus on a different company each week that manufacture products in America.  We will answer those all important questions – how is the quality and how does the price compare?  We understand you want the best product for your money, and we are searching the fifty states to bring you top of the line items.

In the past few months there has been an increased importance on products Made in the USA by American workers. For us, this is not just a slogan but a way of life.  Given today’s political and economic climate, this is something every American should value. Therefore, if Carducci Tactical can influence even a small percentage of our readers and inspire them to buy American made products and save one American job or company – then all the work is worth it.

Our made in America philosophy does not mean that we do not buy, use and endorse products made in other countries. The majority of the time buying American is not an option or the non-American product is inferior or more costly.   We are on a journey to find quality products and options.  If all things are equal, we should start purchasing American made guns, ammunition and accessories.

So let’s take a look at these companies and find out what they offer.   We are going to weigh all the factors during this journey leaving no stone unturned.     What shotguns are made in the USA?  Are there any American made pistols or hunting rifles?  How does Ammunition made here compare?  Is an American made scope just as good as European glass?  What about Redfield optics and Nightforce scopes?  Are these USA products cheaper or bad in quality?

We believe in American made products and companies that provide jobs for Americans.  Join us as we discover what is made in America for the shooting and hunting industry.

See you on the range!


About Carducci Tactical

Danny & Amy Carducci have a blog dedicated to the shooting sports and hunting. Unbiased information - condensed and precise!
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